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Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. 

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Huawei has a dominant market share in many emerging markets, particularly in North America and Latin America. Aside from the extreme competitive pricing of its Wi-Fi CPE, it is primarily the strength of its relationships with service providers in these markets that has helped it secure this preeminent position. One key area of strength for Huawei compared to many other vendors is the company’s strong supply chain management, which has mitigated the effects of the myriad supply chain challengers vendors have faced over the past several years.

Huawei Cloud IoT leads in providing a broad array of embedded software like device agents, as well as leadership in diagnostics and business rules. The company tied for first place with Nokia in innovation and was in first place in the general ranking.

At the core of Huawei’s implementation strategy is establishing a clear partnership ecosystem based on an actionable roadmap for would-be partners to sign and test their devices or platforms with Huawei Cloud IoT’s systems. Huawei’s ability to invest substantially in Huawei Cloud IoT allows the company to bundle additional services like cloud storage and device shadows for commercial flexibility. Huawei’s platform is interoperable, thus delivering a robust set of tools that enable customers to implement an IoT solution based on their needs.

Huawei is undoubtedly a leader in the innovation criteria based on its robust remote configurability, business rules and group policy capabilities, tying for first place with Nokia. Huawei then ranked first for implementation based on its ability to ease the onboarding process beyond just LwM2M-compliant devices and incorporate a broad catalog of hardware. It then excels in securing the onboarding process by providing a variety of choices to customers and has both an extensive partnership ecosystem and a robust and interoperable device management service.

Huawei developed Adaptive High Resolution (AHR) to improve network experience and capacity. The AHR algorithm has three main pillars: a) a High Accuracy Channel Estimation algorithm for accurate beamforming and system interference mitigation; b) an innovative User & Channel & Service (UCS) adaptive algorithm to optimize user experience; and c) high-resolution beams to improve multi-device pairing capabilities and boost system capacity. As a result, the average user experienced data rate increased by 35% and cell capacity increases by 50%.

Huawei was recognized as a Top Innovator in the Passive Base Station Antenna Market, as the company continues to innovate its passive base station antennas to cater to current and future requirements by CSPs. One example is the launch of the Hertz platform, which integrates efficiency innovations like Signal Direct Injection Feeding (SDIF), while facilitating the deployment of sub-3 GHz frequency bands. This allows CSPs to tap into higher order MIMO to increase network capacity, while minimizing the feeder loss.

Huawei was recognized as the Overall Leader in ABI Research's Passive Base Station Antenna Market competitive ranking. Huawei continues to pull itself away from other vendors in our assessment thanks to the company's continued innovative culture, keeping it years ahead of the current market.

As a Top Implementer in he Passive Base Station Antenna Market, Huawei's market share continues to increase globally as the company continues to build both a strong market presence in countries they already operate within and also expand on its already extensive global reach and comprehensive antenna portfolio.

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