5G and Robotics: Opportunities and Challenges Image

5G and Robotics: Opportunities and Challenges


Actionable Benefits

  • The opportunities 5G brings to robotics.
  • Breakdown of 5G and other connectivity technologies.
  • Understanding the expected timeline for 5G rollout.       

Critical Questions Answered

  • Who are the main vendors driving 5G development?
  • What are the drivers and inhibitors to 5G deployment in the automation space?
  • How does 5G compare to other connectivity technologies?

Research Highlights

  • Case-studies for robotics and 5G.
  • Breakdown of key vendors.
  • Market projections for future robotics markets.

Who Should Read This?

  • Telcos and future 5G providers.
  • Robotics manufacturers.
  • End users likely to deploy automation in the near term.

Table of Contents

5G Introduction

5G vs the Rest

Mobile Edge Computing & Network Slicing

Drivers & Inhibitors


5G Applications for Robotics & Automation

5G Robotics Case Studies


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