Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: Annual Update Image

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: Annual Update


Actionable Benefits

  • Learn the major verticals for sUAS, the important use-cases for which they are used, and what challenges vendors and end users face.
  • Learn the key players in the drone space, including drone manufacturers, software providers and end users.
  • Use unique data on current registration numbers for drone fleets in various jurisdictions.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which drone vendors have received significant funding?
  • What are the specific technology requirements for the next stage of drone flight (UTM and BVLOS)?
  • What countries are ahead in drone deployments and regulations?

Research Highlights

  • Drone shipments by vertical and subtype (2015-2030).
  • Drone registration by country.
  • Granular breakdown of key vendors.

Who Should Read This?

  • Drone hardware manufacturers.
  • End-users.
  • Telcos and Cloud Service Providers.
  • Software vendors.
  • Governments and regulatory agencies.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Funding News

Key Vendors 

Key Technology and Market Trends