Sourcing Guidelines

Request Copyright Permission

ABI Research's name and all published products (online, print, audio, and video) are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of source. This policy applies to all external uses of the ABI Research name; advertising, annual reports, blogs, press releases, presentations, signage, speeches, etc. To use the ABI Research name or that of any of our analysts, excerpt our research, quote our analysts, or repurpose any of our materials, a usage request must be submitted in writing to ABI Research Analyst and Media relations. ABI Research may exercise the right of refusal.

Should a requestor not comply with our policy on permission, ABI Research may opt to impose a quote ban for a varying length of time. This is to protect our reputation as thought leaders in the high technology research sector.

Quotation Usage Policy for Service Clients

Quotation Usage Policy for Non-Service Clients


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