Sourcing Guidelines

Request Copyright Permission


ABI Research's name and all published products (online, print, audio, and video) are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of source. This policy applies to all external uses of the ABI Research name; advertising, annual reports, blogs, press releases, presentations, signage, speeches, etc. To use the ABI Research name or that of any of our analysts, excerpt our research, quote our analysts, or repurpose any of our materials, a usage request must be submitted in writing to ABI Research Analyst and Media relations. ABI Research may exercise the right of refusal.


Should a requestor not comply with our policy on permission, ABI Research may opt to impose a quote ban for a varying length of time. This is to protect our reputation as thought leaders in the high technology research sector.

Quotation Usage Policy for Service Clients

  • As a service client in good standing, payment is not required to reproduce a quote from one of our analysts. We do require that the wording be vetted by the appropriate analyst, Analyst Relations Director and the Chief Research Officer. ABI Research, as well as the analyst, must be listed as the source. Please fill out this form to request copyright permission.
  • Reproduction of report excerpts may also be approved on a case by case basis, if distribution is to be limited to the clients' internal staff. ABI Research must be listed as the source.
  • For use externally (sales meetings, outside marketing, trade shows), it is required that a media license be purchased. The cost varies by the type of deliverable being reproduced and the overall distribution it will have. ABI Research must be listed as the source.
  • Service clients may also request a custom quote, which will be approved by the analyst, Analyst Relations Director, and Chief Research Officer.

Quotation Usage Policy for Non-Service Clients

  • As a non-client, quotes will generally be declined. A sales representative may call upon you to explain the policy in more detail.
  • There are exceptions made at times for non-profit organizations and associations. Please fill out this form to request copyright permission.


  • In both client and non-client quotes that are approved, ABI Research will maintain its objectivity. Industry data will be given, but inclusion of an opinion on the requesting firm will not be approved.
  • Example of what might get approved: "Company A is ranked positively in the ABI Research Vendor Matrix".
  • Example of what would not get approved: "ABI Research thinks Company A is the best, ranked higher than all the other competitors".

Published research in its entirety

  • Please see section above. Reproduction via scanning, importing into an electronic storage/retrieval system, emailing externally, posting on the internet or intranet, or placing ABI Research name and/or research on another website without the purchase of reprints/media license is strictly prohibited.