Machine Vision in Mobile Devices

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Publish Date: 20 Dec 2018
Code: AN-5175
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 28
Machine Vision in Mobile Devices

Machine vision in mobile devices, particularly smartphones, but also tablets and wearable cameras, is most commonly used for image recognition, providing the user with information about what they are seeing, whether it is an object, building, clothing, and more. The technology is currently commonly being provided by the cloud; however chips with AI processing power are increasingly bringing machine vision to the edge, removing the need for connectivity to the cloud.

This report examines how and why machine vision is being used in mobile devices. It covers an overview of machine vision technology, what is required for machine vision at the edge on mobile devices, AI chips and smartphones that provide machine vision capabilities, device form factors, use cases for machine vision in mobile devices, what still needs to be done for the technology to become more ubiquitous, forecasts, and market players. Forecasts include mobile device shipments, machine vision revenues and installed bases, shipments of mobile devices with an AI chip, and machine vision smartphone revenues and installed bases.