How Public Cloud Can Spur Innovation in Telecoms

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By Don Alusha | 2Q 2021 | IN-6150


Cloud Adoption on the Rise


There are well documented examples within the last two decades of industries that have successfully embraced public cloud benefits, including government and cybersecurity domains. Telecommunications (telecoms) is one of the last industries to make a concerted effort to utilize public cloud platforms. Increasingly, there is a growing recognition that communications service providers (CSPs) must adopt public cloud innovation and efficiencies to compete effectively in the digital economy. CSPs can benefit from public cloud efficiency because they can consolidate much more functionality with less equipment. So better economics, business agility, and lower implementation risk are all key drivers for public cloud to potentially propel innovation in the industry.

Investment that drives public cloud adoption in other industries typically comes from venture capital (VC) backing. For example, industries like biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and financial services have long been attractive domains for VC investment. Telecoms does not necessarily feature at the top of the rankings for VC funding. That,…

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