Telco Edge: Enabling Technologies and Commercial Analysis

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Publish Date: 24 May 2019
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Pages: 30
Telco Edge: Enabling Technologies and Commercial Analysis
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This report discusses telco edge initiatives in the industry, key technologies that underpin edge architectures, market opportunities, and pertinent use cases. There are some Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) that are advancing in their journey to deploy edge computing platforms to deliver personalized services over 5G networks. For example, AT&T and Telefonica are already developing their edge capabilities to unlock the power of edge computing to pursue new growth opportunities on both the consumer and enterprise fronts. A notable development on the supply side is MobiledgeX, a company that can help create edge computing use cases across several operators.

A common thread among frontrunners is that they are pursuing edge initiatives very early. One key strand that applies to both vendors and MSPs is to prioritize and understand how to build a telco edge infrastructure that aligns with the business goal. On the one hand, edge platforms present a new opportunity for growth. But on the other hand, the potential complexity that arises call for the vendor community to innovate and be creative in terms of controlling costs and speed innovation.  Vendors should bring to market edge solutions that are conducive of a platform-first approach aimed at delivering choice for best of breed service solutions to run on a common architecture.