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ABI Research’s smart cities coverage examines the applications, services, and opportunities in the smart city arena including street lighting, trash collection, utilities, cooperative mobility, and intelligent transportation. We delve into key technologies and paradigms, such as big data and analytics, open platforms, citizen participation, and community crowdsourcing.

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Cybersecurity in Smart Utilities

There are increasing efforts globally to upgrade electrical and water grids around the world with new capabilities—notably with network communications, remote and automated management of elements in the field, and new utility management functionalities. However, the introduction of smart technologies, such as network communications, remote and automated management of elements in the field, and new utility management functionalities, means increased dependence on ICTs and connectivity, which introduces new risks. These tools can expand the number of threat vectors, rendering smart utilities vulnerable to cyberattacks. Maintaining resilient electrical power generation and transmission as well as water distribution and treatment are key to protecting the utility infrastructure.


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Why Public Transport Authorities Need to Embrace the MaaS Opportunity

1Q 2019

With the shift away from personally owned transportation modes, mobility as a service (MaaS) and mobility on demand (MOD) are considered increasingly more critical in order to offer a seamless commuter experience alongside the rise of use cases including ride hailing, e-scooters, and bike sharing.


Smart Parking and Smart Cities

4Q 2017

For city governments, smart parking represents a direct, short term revenue generating opportunity. It helps generate revenues from valuable parking space which is not monetized. In fact, it is one of a very small number of smart city applications which generates revenue, next to advertising on kiosks and other types of digital signage. Together with smart street lights and smart bins, this represents the “holy trinity” of current smart city applications.

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Smart Cities North American Session

While most U.S. States are embracing digital transformations to shape smart cities, city governments face a number of issues related to the deployment of smart city technologies. This webinar will provide an overview of deployment strategies and key use cases. Which are the smartest cities? Main ecosystem players will also be addressed. Register and join us on October 12, 2017 at 12:30 pm (EST) Eastern time.