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While Your Customers Are Doing Their Research, Put Ours To Work For You

Before they make investments or purchasing decisions, technology leaders do their research online, seeking out answers, information, and expertise.

Content Marketing Solutions from ABI Research help you deliver just what they are looking for.

Drive Engagement With Our Expertise

Fueled by research from our global team of trusted technology experts, content marketing solutions from ABI Research empower you to deliver insightful and actionable content to your prospects.

Our analysts deliver omnichannel content that you can use to attract and nurture your prospects. Plus, as recognized experts in our service areas, we can help you establish trust with these potential customers in a way that no sales pitch can.

The research-driven content marketing program is designed to help you engage prospects throughout your sales funnel.


Content Marketing Components

Content Marketing Solutions are customized for each client but typically contain the following:

Written by one of our expert analysts, an ABI Research whitepaper provides the authoritative, persuasive, and exclusive insight into the technologies and trends that your potential customers care about.
Based on the findings of the whitepaper, an ABI Research analyst will lead a live webinar presentation and answer audience questions. We’ll also provide you with everything you need to make the webinar on-demand – MP4, PPT and PDF files -- for additional marketing outreach.
Blog Posts
Blog Posts
Blog posts are a great way to attract new visitors to your website and engage prospects at the top of your sales funnel. Each marketing solution includes two original, SEO-friendly blog posts based on the content of the whitepaper.
Videos are the most engaged and effective form of content on the web today. We’ll provide two professional videos that can be used across different channels – social media, your website, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, etc.
Press Releases
Press Releases
Our Public Relations team will create a professional press release to help you spread the word about the whitepaper and ensure maximum visibility.

Promotional Support

We don’t just deliver great content; we help you get it in front of the right audience. Leveraging our database of 83,000+ registered technology leaders, influencers, and decision makers, we complement your marketing and promotion with our own.
Analyst Insider
The ABI Research Analyst Insider Newsletter is distributed weekly to tens of thousands of technology leaders, innovators, and decision-makers across our entire contact database.
Email Marketing
Dedicated emails will be sent to ABI Research contacts with specific interest in relevant service areas.
Social Media
Social Media includes ABI Research’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube channels. Currently, ABI has 20,000+ highly engaged contacts on LinkedIn alone.
Research Roundup
ABI Research Roundup is a weekly newsletter curating the latest research from our global team of analysts, including reports, analyst blog posts, analyst contributions, and more.

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