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We pride ourselves on closely identifying and studying the synergies between different connectivity solutions to best determine, and report on, major forthcoming innovations and disruptions across various IoT platforms, application layers, and consortiums that have the potential to affect companies across the supply chain. Our research offers unparalleled insight into commercial and industrial applications, as well as emerging opportunities in the smart city, environmental sensing, and nascent IoT markets.

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Bluetooth Building Automation Market Opportunities and Challenges

New technical enhancements such as mesh networking are enabling Bluetooth to target new opportunities across the IoT. This presentation assesses Bluetooth’s opportunities in the commercial building automation space, providing insight and analysis into the major market drivers and challenges for the technology as it seeks to become a viable wireless sensor networking technology for lighting, HVAC, security, access, sensors, and other building automation applications over the next decade. The report also highlights key requirements of the building automation market, assesses wired vs. wireless technologies, and seeks to understand how different technologies can overcome hurdles currently hindering the growth of the wireless building automation market.


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802.11ax Wi-Fi Ecosystem Taking Shape but Challenges Ahead

1Q 2018

The race to IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi is on. Qualcomm’s recently unveiled WCN3998 solution is the latest addition to a growing number of pre-standard or 802.11ax “ready” chipsets hitting the market, following on from previous announcements by Qualcomm, Broadcom, Marvell, Quantenna, Intel and Celeno, that have predominantly targeted the access point space. Some of these access point chipsets are already being supported in commercial networking products, with the likes of ASUS, D-Link, H3C and Huawei having already introduced early 802.11ax ready access point and gateways to the market.


Silicon Labs to Acquire Z-Wave

4Q 2017

Z-Wave’s guarantee of interoperability will be helpful as Silicon Labs attempts to move the protocol into wider markets that include smart homes and the IoT.