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We pride ourselves on closely identifying and studying the synergies between different connectivity solutions to best determine, and report on, major forthcoming innovations and disruptions across various IoT platforms, application layers, and consortiums that have the potential to affect companies across the supply chain. Our research offers unparalleled insight into commercial and industrial applications, as well as emerging opportunities in the smart city, environmental sensing, and nascent IoT markets.


BLE Beacon Technologies, Applications, and Revenues

1Q 2017 | MD-BEAC-106 | Updated Quarterly

This database combines all of ABI Research's BLE Beacon forecast and market share data in one source. The database covers over 20 verticals including IoT, smart home, grocery, clothing, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, enterprise/industrial, personal asset tracking, events/stadiums, vending machines, advertising networks, etc. For each major vertical, forecasts are further broken down by region, installation, app, analytics, and advertising revenues. Forecasts are also analyzed in terms of total BLE Beacon shipments and Eddystone beacon shipments. Market share data is based on worldwide installations of BLE Beacons by all major OEMs. Finally, forecasts are also provided for smartphone ...

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802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks

1Q 2017 | MD-8154-167 | Updated Quarterly

802.15.4 is a rapidly growing technology. Since its development as a low-power alternative to existing wireless connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it has gone on to be well-adopted as a wireless standard for smart metering and is also growing within home/building automation, home entertainment, and industrial markets.
This product tracks the 802.15.4 market in 30+ end markets and provides forecasts to 2021. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of the chipset market, including shipments, revenues, and average selling prices.

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1Q 2017 | MD-WLAN-170 | Updated Quarterly

Since 1999, annual shipments of Wi-Fi-enabled devices grew rapidly, with a major inflection point in 2008 as the smartphone market took off.
In 2014, over 2.4 billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices were shipped, while the industry surpassed 10 billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices shipped cumulatively in early 2015. Over half of product shipments are dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) now. The market is forecast to continue to grow rapidly over the next 5 years as the technology is adopted across a wide variety of markets, including consumer, mobile, automotive, and emerging markets.
This product tracks Wi-Fi-enabled device shipments and ...

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Wireless Connectivity in IoT

1Q 2017 | MD-IOTWC-109 | Updated Quarterly

Wireless connectivity technology plays an important role in connecting the Internet of Things (IoT). Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are very ubiquitous technologies. NFC plays a role, as well. Wireless connectivity chipsets continue to shift from standalone chips to combo chips or combo chips and integrated platforms in certain areas of the overall wireless connectivity market, but this mix looks very different when looking at just IoT.
This market data provides quarterly updates on the wireless connectivity markets covering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GNSS across a few dozen end markets that are categorized as IoT.
It provides an analysis of ...

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Near Field Communication

1Q 2017 | MD-NEFC-165 | Updated Semiannually

ABI Research’s NFC market data provides a comprehensive view of NFC-enabled products and controllers across many product types and categories, including handsets, tablets, accessories, PCs, consumer electronics, the smart home, and more. Historical and 5-year forecasts are included for shipments and attach rates. NFC controller IC shipments are segmented by integration levels into standalone, combo (with other wireless connectivity technologies), and integrated platforms with NFC. Combo chipsets and integrated platforms with NFC are further segmented by the various combinations of other wireless connectivity technologies included. ASPs for standalone, combo, and integrated platform variations and their revenues are included.

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Wireless Connectivity ICs

1Q 2017 | MD-WCMT-170 | Updated Quarterly

Wireless connectivity technology is well-established in many electronic device markets. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GNSS are becoming ubiquitous in certain devices, such as smartphones, with attach rates approaching 100% in some cases. Rapid growth is also forecast for 802.15.4 and NFC across various verticals. Wireless connectivity chipsets continue to shift from standalone chips to combo chips, or combo chips and integrated platforms in certain areas.
This market data provides quarterly updates on the wireless connectivity markets covering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, 802.15.4, and GNSS across 30+ end markets. It provides an analysis of enabled devices including shipments ...

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1Q 2017 | MD-BLTH-170 | Updated Quarterly

Today, Bluetooth is the most widely adopted wireless connectivity technology. It became synonymous with wireless audio and data transfer through its use in mobile phones, but it has also seen widespread use in laptops, games consoles, and more. Future market growth will be driven by adoption across a growing ecosystem of connected devices enabling simple data transfer, with Bluetooth v4.0 enabling new low-power devices to enter this connected world.
This product tracks Bluetooth-enabled device shipments and attach rates in 30+ end markets and provides forecasts to 2021.
Additionally, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the chipset market ...

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Device Connectivity Market Data

2Q 2016 | MD-DECO-101 | Updated Annually

Over the next five to ten years, the connectivity landscape for computers and mobile devices is set to undergo a considerable transformation. Emerging wired connectivity technologies such as USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3, with the ability to offer new functionalities including higher data transfer rates, power delivery, and video capabilities over a single connector, will have a significant impact upon the market. These enhancements can also help bring about new use cases, such as external GPUs, for mobile devices and more advanced docking solutions, while their slimmer design can also help to enable thinner and lighter form factors for portable ...

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Wi-Fi Customer Premise Equipment

1Q 2016 | MD-WLEQ-161 | Updated Semiannually

This database provides clients with highly segmented market share and forecast data on a quarterly basis for Wi-Fi radio infrastructure devices (access points, wireless routers, and wireless residential gateways), external Wi-Fi NICs, and Wi-Fi controllers. Both enterprise and SOHO/consumer vendor shipments are analyzed. Shipments and manufacturer’s revenue are segmented by: form factor, protocol, region, and vertical end-use market. Quarterly market share data provided consists of the period from 1Q 2006 through the present quarter. Annual forecasts provided consist of 2006 to 2009 shipments and revenue, and forecast shipments and revenue through 2015, and are updated quarterly. Companies that ...

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Wi-Fi Access Points

1Q 2015 | MD-WFAP-155 | Updated Annually

Adoption of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices is continuously increasing with Wi-Fi becoming the preferred option to connect to the Internet for Wi-Fi enabled device owners. 

For mobile operators, Wi-Fi becomes vital in enhancing user experience. Mobile operators are deploying Wi-Fi networks to offload mobile data traffic and to provide value-added service to customers. A large number of operators invest in building Wi-Fi networks as well as partnering with Wi-Fi aggregators to provide Wi-Fi access to their customers.

This database presents the overview of Wi-Fi hotspots installed worldwide. Wi-Fi hotspots deployed by both mobile carriers and third-party operators are included ...

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W1 Chip Makes Apple a Captive Bluetooth Chip Vendor and More

3Q 2016 | IN-4248

Apple’s W1 chip is arguably the company’s biggest news recently. It is making its own Bluetooth chips and will become a notable Bluetooth chipset vendor, but there is more than just Bluetooth in the W1. We clear the air with regards to how proprietary—or not—the W1 actually is, as well as dive into what else this chip contains.

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