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We pride ourselves on closely identifying and studying the synergies between different connectivity solutions to best determine, and report on, major forthcoming innovations and disruptions across various IoT platforms, application layers, and consortiums that have the potential to affect companies across the supply chain. Our research offers unparalleled insight into commercial and industrial applications, as well as emerging opportunities in the smart city, environmental sensing, and nascent IoT markets.


Wireless Connectivity Technology Segmentation & Addressable Markets

2Q 2017 | | Updated Quarterly

Wireless connectivity technology is well-established in many electronic device markets. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GNSS are becoming ubiquitous in certain devices, such as smartphones, with attach rates approaching 100% in some cases. Rapid growth is also forecast for 802.15.4 and NFC across various verticals. Wireless connectivity chipsets continue to shift from standalone chips to combo chips, or combo chips and integrated platforms in certain areas.

This market data provides quarterly updates on the wireless connectivity markets covering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, 802.15.4, and GNSS across 30+ end markets. It provides an analysis of enabled devices including shipments and ...




Connected Bus Shelter in New Zealand

2Q 2017 | IN-4558

The transport authority in Auckland, New Zealand signed a strategic partnership with Nokia, Chorus, Downer, and Solta, and completed a market trial of a connected bus shelter. The legacy bus shelter was connected to the ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network via Nokia’s service-aware router, and deployed an interactive touchscreen display panel. Broadband connections play a crucial role in supporting smart city applications.

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