Emergent Mobile Device Technology Trend Analysis

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Publish Date: 06 Sep 2018
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Emergent Mobile Device Technology Trend Analysis

The aim of this study is to provide market sizing and forecasts for key human-machine interfaces, presenting actual and expected trends for various advanced, device-enabling technologies to predict how product innovation may evolve for both smartphones and tablets between 2015 and 2027. This includes a detailed analysis of key product entries, market opportunities/threats, as well as strategic recommendations to drive growth and profitability for device manufacturers. Major transformative technologies include iris scanning, fingerprint on display, 5G, AI, rear dual camera, 8K display, wireless charging, foldable/flexible display, USB type-C, >IP60, NFC, and e-SIM.

Table of Contents

  • Transformative Consumer Device Technologies, 2018
  • General Market Outlook
  • Smart Biometrics
  • Gigabit LTE and 5G AI
  • Key Competitor Activity Since 2017
  • Key Competitor Activity: 2027
  • Market Opportunities
  • Disruptive Threats
  • Guidance
  • Authors and Contacts

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