Hyperscaler Strategies for Enterprise Connectivity

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Publish Date: 24 Mar 2023
Code: AN-5603
Research Type: Research Report
Hyperscaler Strategies for Enterprise Connectivity
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Reassess role of enterprise connectivity in hyperscaler cloud services segment.
  • Gain granular understanding of competing hyperscaler enterprise connectivity solutions and strategies.
  • Pinpoint opportunities to grow/differentiate service against competitors.
  • Evaluate wider ecosystem to identify “Go-to-Market (GTM)” partners and potential differentiators.
  • Align value proposition with Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/Chief Information Officer (CIO) value drivers.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • What do enterprises want to see from their connectivity solution?
  • What are the strategic priorities for hyperscalers, interconnection providers, and telco operators?
  • Who are the key channel partners in enterprise connectivity?
  • How can System Integrators (SIs) ease enterprise deployment?
  • What is the revenue/cost structure for channel partners?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Assessment of competitive landscape with particular focus on services and strategy.
  • Detailed analysis of enterprise expectations and value drivers.
  • Granular breakdown of hyperscaler channel partners.
  • Evaluation and strategic recommendations for channel partners.
  • Enterprise connectivity 4-year market expectations.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Hyperscaler senior executives looking to define long-term connectivity, edge, and cloud compute strategy.
  • Marketing executives looking to effectively align messaging with enterprise value drivers.
  • Product managers and strategy executives across telcos and interconnection providers looking to build partnerships and define strategy.
  • Enterprise CTOs and CIOs assessing options to modernize connectivity to meet distributed resource requirements.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Takeaways and Recommendations

2.1 The Current Market
2.2 Hyperscaler Strategy
2.3 Ecosystem Partner Strategies
2.4 Enterprise

3. Understanding Modern, Cloud-Delivered Enterprise Connectivity

3.1 Overview
3.2 Benefits and Risks of Cloud-Delivered Enterprise Connectivity
3.3 Enterprise Connectivity Adoption Journey
3.4 Technology Trends in Enterprise Connectivity
3.5 What Do Enterprises Want?
3.6 How Should Vendors Respond?

4. How Are Hyperscalers Approaching This Market?

5. What Role Do Channel Partners Play?

5.1 Interconnection Providers
5.2 What Role Do Telcos Play in Hyperscaler Enterprise Connectivity?
5.3 Go-to-Market Strategy
5.4 Channel Partner Revenue/Cost Triangle

6. Market Evaluation

6.1 Where Do Other Actors Fit into the Enterprise Connectivity Landscape?
6.2 Hyperscaler Recommendations
6.3 Market Expectations