The Declaration for the Future of the Internet: Why Now and How Will It Happen?

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By Dimitris Mavrakis | 2Q 2022 | IN-6540


The Declaration for the Future of the Internet


On April 28, the United States and 60 countries announced the Declaration for the Future of the Internet, a political commitment to ensure that the Internet and digital technologies remain open, free, and part of a single, global community. The vision of this declaration includes commitment for the following key points:

  • Protect human rights and fundamental freedoms for all
  • Global Internet with free flow of information
  • Affordable and inclusive connectivity for everyone
  • Promote trust in global digital ecosystem, including protection of privacy
  • Protect and strengthen the multi-stakeholder approach to governance for the Internet

Notable country exceptions to the declaration were the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China. According to the declaration, both authoritarian governments and online platforms are culprits in attacking the points listed above, while digital tools are increasingly being used to deny human rights and fundamental freedoms, including spreading of disinformation and condoning malicious behavior. It is not yet clear how th…

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