Biometric Technologies Quarterly Update

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Publish Date: 14 May 2018
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Pages: 9
Biometric Technologies Quarterly Update
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This quarterly update for biometric technologies and applications focuses on selected key market and technology trends. This includes a critical perspective for the future of biometric modalities in consumer electronics, market shares, predictions, and top-level analysis for leading smartphone and fingerprint sensor vendors. In addition, it provides an overview on biometric payment cards and ATMs, highlights from a competitive analysis and the increased threat from APAC towards Western vendors, as well as key elements that implementers need to keep in mind regarding the future of biometrics in automotive applications.

Table of Contents

  • Will Iris and Face Recognition Overthrow Fingerprints?
  • The State of the Biometric Smartphone Market in 2017
  • Fingerprint Tech Won’t Go Down Without a Fight
  • Biometric Payment Cards and ATMs
  • Western Vendors Start to Feel the Pressure from Asia Pacific and Chinese Competitors
  • Automotive: The Next Biometric Frontier