Cloud DVR

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Publish Date: 21 Sep 2018
Code: AN-2798
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 23
Cloud DVR

As the worldwide pay-TV landscape continuously changes, service providers are increasingly investing in advanced technology in order to provide innovative services. Quality of service, hardware, and advanced features are critical requirements to maintain customer satisfaction in the highly competitive pay TV market. Cloud DVR services are becoming important features in today’s pay-TV services. Pay-TV operators, as well as live video streaming services, are deploying cloud DVR services to their customers.

This report presents cloud DVR technologies and deployments by regions, drivers and challenges in cloud DVR market and major cloud DVR solution providers. Cloud DVR subscriber base and service revenue forecast is also analyzed by different regions. The key companies presented in this report include ARRIS, Cisco, AWS Elemental, Huawei, Harmonic, Ericsson, Nokia and pay-TV and vMVPD operators including Comcast, AT&T, DISH Network, Liberty Global, Hulu etc.