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Our extensive smart mobility and automotive coverage examines ADAS, active safety, autonomous driving, connected infotainment, and consumer telematics. We aim to provide technology implementers with authoritative insight to help future-proof their automotive business models by examining industry trends in automotive semiconductors, sensors, mapping, deep-learning-based machine vision, AR, HMI, and 5G.

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Simulation in Automotive: Training and Validating Autonomous Control Systems

Waymo, Uber, Ford and, BMW are among the multiple players who have committed to bring SAE level 4 or level 5 vehicles to market within the early years of the next decade. Almost all OEMs have positioned connected, automated vehicles as the cornerstone of their future strategy, hailing the advantages they will bring in terms of safety and efficiency.

However, with the self-imposed deadlines for implementation fast-approaching, OEMs are still struggling to validate their autonomous vehicles and have confidence that they will be significantly safer than manually-controlled vehicles. Far from being a question of better sensors or greater processing power, the biggest barrier to deployment is now experience – ramping up the volume and variety of the situations which autonomous systems have navigated.


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BMW and Daimler Cooperate on Smart Mobility and Autonomous Driving

1Q 2019

Arch rivals Daimler and BMW have announced that they will cooperate on the development of an open platform for highly automated driving, pooling their resources and experience with the ultimate aim of deploying SAE Level 3 and Level 4 vehicles in the early 2020s. This follows an earlier announcement that the companies would pool their sporadic mobility subdivisions into a more focused US$1 billion smart mobility initiative called “Jurbey.”


HERE Acquires Advanced Telematic Systems for Automotive OTA Technology

4Q 2017

In November 2017, HERE, a leader in digital mapping and location intelligence, acquired Advanced Telematic Systems, adding Over-the-Air (OTA) technology to their automotive portfolio.

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Smart Mobility, Smart Cities and Smart Home, the Holy Trinity for Automated Living?

This webinar will explore adjacencies between and synergies across the smart home, smart mobility and smart cities verticals according to functional areas linked to living, mobility, energy, entertainment and infotainment, security, healthcare, education and work. Next generation technologies like micro-grids, driverless cars, voice assistants, AI-based surveillance cams, robotics, and biometrics allow functional domains to cross over into non-native verticals to offer more seamless, holistic, complementary and automated experiences, blurring the boundaries between segments and industries.

Examples include paradigms like Car as a Living Space or Office, home-based healthcare, distributed energy generation, crowdsourcing home- or car -based surveillance cams for public use, and last but not least the Car as a Mobility Service. We will also provide examples of vendors which are well placed to take advantage of these cross vertical adjacencies.

This webinar will answer:

  • Why is the battle for the smart home important?
  • Why driverless cars will only make sense in a smart city context?
  • How will the sharing economy, asset crowdsourcing, and distributed generation paradigms transform living in the future?
  • Which are the key underlying transformational technologies?
  • Who are the key players offering cross vertical solutions?