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Our extensive smart mobility and automotive coverage examines ADAS, active safety, autonomous driving, connected infotainment, and consumer telematics. We aim to provide technology implementers with authoritative insight to help future-proof their automotive business models by examining industry trends in automotive semiconductors, sensors, mapping, deep-learning-based machine vision, AR, HMI, and 5G.

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Vehicle and Infrastructure based Parking Information Services

Finding a parking space close to the final destination is a vital element in any journey by car. However, with the increased number of vehicles on public roads and restrictions on parking in specific areas, the task of finding a parking space is becoming a source of increasing frustration for drivers. Beyond the burden of inconvenience for individual consumers, the congestion caused by widespread circulation of traffic moving at low speed has significant economic and environmental impact. Within this context, it makes it all the more extraordinary that parking lot owners and operators regularly cite underutilization and excess capacity, and therefore, lost revenue, as one of their chief concerns.


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Smart Parking and Smart Cities

4Q 2017

For city governments, smart parking represents a direct, short term revenue generating opportunity. It helps generate revenues from valuable parking space which is not monetized. In fact, it is one of a very small number of smart city applications which generates revenue, next to advertising on kiosks and other types of digital signage. Together with smart street lights and smart bins, this represents the “holy trinity” of current smart city applications.

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IoT Gateways to Transform Commercial Vehicle Telematics - Sponsored by Dell

Dell And Intel

Smart edge gateways based on open standards and platforms are seeing an increase in adoption. This is due to faster ROI by enabling a wide range of applications from vehicle remote diagnostics and operational efficiencies to driver safety and infotainment. Early adopters are reaping the benefits of savings on fuel and maintenance, as well as lower driver attrition, due to better safety and comfort services.

In this webinar, ABI research examines how three global Tier 1 technology providers - Dell, Nokia and Bosch - are democratizing the commercial telematics market with open hardware, software, and sensor platforms to enable this industry transformation. Join us to learn more about the current market and technology trends, new product offerings and IoT applications that are quickly changing the fragmented and proprietary solutions of the past.

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