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Our extensive smart mobility and automotive coverage examines ADAS, active safety, autonomous driving, connected infotainment, and consumer telematics. We aim to provide technology implementers with authoritative insight to help future-proof their automotive business models by examining industry trends in automotive semiconductors, sensors, mapping, deep-learning-based machine vision, AR, HMI, and 5G.


Automotive Infotainment

1Q 2017 | MD-AUEN-165 | Updated Semiannually

This database provides detailed data about the connected in-car infotainment market with regional and global statistics, including the different connected services and features enabled.

Other data provided includes Bluetooth in infotainment, automotive app downloads, revenues, in-car infotainment systems fitted with smartphone integration technologies (MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc.), rear-seat entertainment consoles, non-connected, as well as connected, in-car navigation devices (in-dash devices and smartphone-based devices).


Global Vehicle Sales by Segment

1Q 2017 | MD-AUTO-109 | Updated Semiannually

This market data report starts with existing global sales data by region and it develops a breakdown by vehicle segment and by powertrain type. Forecasting goes through 2026, and the data is also used to project total registration numbers based on sales and historical scrappage rates.


Safety and Security Telematics

4Q 2016 | MD-SAST-163 | Updated Semiannually

This database offers quantitative insight into the OEM, aftermarket, and converged safety and security telematics environment. Associated forecast data includes subscribers, service revenues, hardware shipments, and hardware revenues, where applicable. Additional data such as penetration rates, a comparison of OEM offerings, and vendor relationships are also provided by region.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

4Q 2016 | MD-ADAS-110 | Updated Semianually

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are entering the mainstream. Long available as high-end luxury vehicle options, packages of features are now offered on mainstream vehicles. Integrated functions are sharing sensors and CPU hardware to enable cost reductions. New sensor technology for camera and radar has delivered substantial cost reductions and made functions more affordable. Safety rating agencies have played an instrumental role in adoption of active safety technologies; reflecting standard fitment in new model star ratings. Consumer-facing ADAS revenues are, therefore, expected to evolve in a similar manner to passive safety technologies such as airbags and anti-lock brakes (ABS), with ...




Volkswagen’s Sedric Concept Articulates the Group’s Vision for Shared Driverless Transport

1Q 2017 | IN-4484

Volkswagen Group’s first ever cross-brand concept articulates how the OEM envisages its role in a shared, driverless future.

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IoT Gateways to Transform Commercial Vehicle Telematics - Sponsored by Dell

Dell And Intel

Smart edge gateways based on open standards and platforms are seeing an increase in adoption. This is due to faster ROI by enabling a wide range of applications from vehicle remote diagnostics and operational efficiencies to driver safety and infotainment. Early adopters are reaping the benefits of savings on fuel and maintenance, as well as lower driver attrition, due to better safety and comfort services.

In this webinar, ABI research examines how three global Tier 1 technology providers - Dell, Nokia and Bosch - are democratizing the commercial telematics market with open hardware, software, and sensor platforms to enable this industry transformation. Join us to learn more about the current market and technology trends, new product offerings and IoT applications that are quickly changing the fragmented and proprietary solutions of the past.

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