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Contactless Ticketing Smart Card Technologies

This market data closely follows the development and trends affecting the smart card contactless ticketing market and its future evolution.

Intelligent Supply Chain Quarterly Update

The Q1 2019 edition pays special attention to smart warehousing and automation, digital productivity solutions for the logistics workforce, and next-generation demand planning and optimization solutions for the supply chain, in addition to news and market activity across the value chain.

Hot Tech Innovators: Industrial, Collaborative, and Commercial Robotics

The next 3 to 4 years will witness the mainstreaming of autonomous mobile robots outside of their current strongholds of warehousing and manufacturing, whilst advances in collaborative robotics, industrial robots and accessories like location technologies will further strengthen the deployment of robotics in the industrial space.

Smart Card Technologies

The data includes estimates for the installed base and annual smart card shipment volumes delivered to the following vertical markets: enterprise and access ID, government and healthcare citizen ID, payment and banking, pay TV/conditional access, retail and loyalty, SIM, SWP SIM telco/payphone, transportation, and "other" applications.

Devices and Solutions for Workforce Productivity in Warehouse Logistics

The emergence of Augmented Reality (AR), more sophisticated voice solutions, specialized mobile devices, AI-driven optimization platforms, and exoskeletons is transforming workforce productivity. This report explores how productivity technologies are evolving and how they are being adopted in warehouses globally.

Industrial Solution

Discover our Industrial Solution — which includes Total Lifetime Value Calculators — that helps manufacturers to digitize their operations, enabling them to create better quality products at lower costs, resulting in better margins and better competitive positioning

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