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Location is now moving beyond GPS, to ubiquitous indoor and outdoor hybrid technologies including Wi-Fi, audio, Bluetooth, MEMs, LED, Magnetic Field, etc. as well as mapping techniques, enabling a technology and revenue evolution, and creating a new industry around LBS, analytics and advertising for retail, airports, stadiums, etc. This service covers the three technology markets enabling this change: alternative location, indoor location and LBS platforms for government mandates, such as E911 and E112. The service considers this market in six ways to ensure full coverage of the market:

Technologies: Breakdown by all major infrastructure and device-based location technologies

Devices: Adoption of Location Technology across all CE devices

Verticals: Further analysis by vertical-retail corporate, enterprise, public venue, etc.

Revenues: Breakdown of revenues by technology, mapping, analytics, services and advertising

Related Markets: Reports covering other Related Technologies e.g. digital signage, RFID

Competitive Assessment: Detailed Competitive Assessment studies for each Technology sector

While all verticals are considered in detail, special focus is given to the retail vertical where immediate opportunities exist in this space. This service offers a unique perspective on location technologies, RoI modeling, and vendor analysis as well as best practices across more than 14 different retail verticals.

Analysis & Data

Location Technologies
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