Quantum Computing: Core Technologies, Development, and Use Cases

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Publish Date: 10 Jul 2018
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Pages: 30
Quantum Computing: Core Technologies, Development, and Use Cases
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For decades, Moore's Law has been driving the advancement of classical computing, giving rise to the proliferation of smart devices at the edge and powerful cloud-based computing capabilities. However, we are reaching the end of Moore's Law, and the search for the next high-performance computing solution has begun. Quantum computing is an option.

The report explores the different types of quantum computing models and their respective physical implementations, from superconducting to trapped ion, spintronics, and the most advanced topological quantum computing approach. While there is a lack of standard in terms of physical implementations, there has been strong momentum in the industry to develop new quantum algorithms and platforms that are interoperable with existing cloud technologies.

In addition, the report also highlights different commercial applications of quantum computing and their respective implementation scenarios. Companies such as D-Wave Systems and Rigetti Computing are currently offering full stack quantum computing solutions, while IBM, Google and other cloud computing giants are likely to offer cloud-based quantum computing services. Various commercial and investment activities of these players are also profiled to give a comprehensive picture of the quantum computing landscape.