5G Ultra Low Latency Use Cases and Market Activities

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Publish Date: 19 Jun 2019
Code: AN-5067
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Pages: 28
5G Ultra Low Latency Use Cases and Market Activities

Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) will be introduced in 3GPP Release 16 in March 2020 and will allow mobile operators to offer reliable, deterministic and low latency services to their clients. This will be a major deviation from all previous cellular technologies that have aimed at increasing the capacity of the network and will allow a host of new business models across many different verticals. For example, 5G is capable of replacing many proprietary technologies in the industrial manufacturing segment and can offer reliable, high throughput and low latency wireless connections on the factory floor.

This report discusses the 3GPP roadmap leading to Release 16 and URLLC and highlights how this new standard specification is different to previous versions. The report also discusses key use cases in the top enterprise verticals, including manufacturing, healthcare and transport sectors, where it is expected to create the highest value. Finally, this report presents market forecasts for URLLC and includes several recommendations for mobile operators and the telecoms value chain.