The Future of WI-FI: New Standards, Market Opportunities, and Challenges

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Publish Date: 08 Aug 2019
Code: AN-5196
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Pages: 54
The Future of WI-FI: New Standards, Market Opportunities, and Challenges

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Wi-Fi, and while the technology continues to evolve, it also faces a number of difficult challenges over the coming years as it tries to accommodate the plethora of new devices, new use cases, new markets and new requirements brought about by the huge anticipated growth in wireless traffic and client adoption. In addition, Wi-Fi must increasingly support both high throughput low latency applications for such as smartphones and AR/VR, alongside reducing power consumption and improving its performance in dense and heterogeneous deployments across a wide range of IoT applications. This report seeks to provide an overview of some of the major current and future innovations in the Wi-Fi space, understand the drivers and challenges for these solutions, and provide updated market forecasts for the most relevant and crucial Wi-Fi technologies. In particular, the report provides an updated perspective and forecasts for Wi-Fi 6’s rollout across different verticals, analysis of key networking and MIMO trends, highlights Wi-Fi’s opportunities and challenges in IoT markets, demonstrates the opportunities for 60GHz WiGig and sub-1GHz HaLow technologies, gives an early outlook on key upcoming Wi-Fi technologies including 6GHz, Wi-Fi 7, and other future enhancements, while offering strategic guidance on how Wi-Fi can maximize its potential over the next 5-10 years as we transition into the 5G era.