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Our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning coverage assesses and maps the value proposition offered by these technology implementations. Our research assesses the various AI and ML business models including the platform as a service, technology as a service, software licensing models, and edge device applications. We aim to provide technology implementers with insight into how these technologies are shaping new applications and business models.


Telco Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

3Q 2016 | MD-BDAM-101 | Updated Semiannually

ABI Research has been tracking the telecom market since its inception, both in research services and through individual application report analysis. It is this basis, in addition to data gathered from primary research, secondary research, and consulting engagements that guides the segmentation analysis in the forecasts. Data were generated through tracking of companies and trends in different and compared with publicly available industry data.  This analysis is top-down with bottom up data points referenced for triangulation.

Regional segmentation is algorithmically derived based on a number of ABI Research databases that considers subscribers, telecom technology (e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G ...

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Equity Firm LLR Partners Acquires BluVector

1Q 2017 | IN-4425

Earlier this month (January 2017), U.S. private equity firm LLR Partners acquired BluVector. While the amount was not disclosed, LLR committed to investing US$50 million into BluVector to support the acquisition and plan for future expansion. LLR invests primarily in vendors offering software technology and services across various markets, including healthcare, business, finance, education, and security. Within the security market, the firm is pursuing commercial and government solutions in both physical and cyber. Past cybersecurity investment funded rounds for Agility Recovery, Cigital (US$50 million in 2013) and spin-off Codiscope (US$5 million in 2015), Digital Guardian (US$66 million in 2015), iJET, and Mercury Security.

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