Google and Samsung Team Up to Launch a Unified New Wear Smartwatch Platform

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By David McQueen | 2Q 2021 | IN-6190


Samsung Collaborates with Google to Unveil a New OS for Smartwatches


In May 2021, at the Google I/O annual developer conference, Google announced a strategic alliance with Samsung to unveil a new unified platform for smartwatches, which is currently named ‘Wear’. More specifically, the new platform will be a combination of Samsung’s Tizen operating system (OS) with Google’s Wear OS, and it is expected that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatches will run on the new platform. The main pillars of this collaboration are focused on optimizing smartwatch battery life, enhancing app performance, and designing a central smartwatch OS for the Android platform. The new strategic partnership will enable Samsung to address some app support issues and Google to reposition Wear OS and the Android platform in the smartwatch market.

The New Platform Will Address Gaps in Tizen and Wear OS


Over the past few years, Wear OS has faced several issues, which has led smartwatch manufacturers to develop their own OS, leading to…

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