Hot Tech Innovators: Artificial Intelligence in Video

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Publish Date: 28 Feb 2019
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Hot Tech Innovators: Artificial Intelligence in Video

Streaming video is projected to command a lion’s share of the data traffic, driven by an increasing appetite for online video services and a broader shift to video as a communication tool. AI/ML is an essential technology to help companies adapt to and meet these market demands. For incumbents in the video space, video is helping create efficiencies in all aspects of the video workflows, reducing cost/expenses, protecting content/services, compliance,  and extracting actionable intelligence to maximize customer value and retention. AI/ML is also helping companies, who do not have the expertise or financial means, to add video assets to their external/internal communications (be it sales/marketing, value-added content, trailers/highlights, training/HR videos, etc.).

All of these early use cases for AI/ML are building the foundation for the market to support video at a much more pervasive level. The arrival of other market dynamics like 5G, autonomous vehicles, XR, new screen/display technologies, and IoT will further push the boundaries of where content is consumed and the data collected and used around this viewing behavior. A future where the display is pervasive will necessitate a great deal of artificial intelligence to help companies manage and evolve video services.

This presentation highlights select companies innovating with AI to help both incumbents and new entrants to begin building towards and adapting to these changing market dynamics.