5G New Radio

Price: Starting at USD 3,000
Publish Date: 10 Jan 2018
Code: AN-2746
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 25
5G New Radio

This report explores 5G network technology along with its features, the vendor ecosystem, and overall market trends. The first set of 5G standards ratified by 3GPP in December 2017, also known as the Early Drop, has created a practical timeline and expectations for the launch of first 5G networks. While 5G use cases promise unprecedented potential in terms of speed, latency, reliability, and coverage, 5G NR itself builds on LTE design principles and incorporates new features to allow for scalability and flexibility. This report provides an overview of the main aspects of the Early Drop specifications, deployment considerations for the first 5G networks, and key 5G NR features. While in the long-term, 5G networks offer potential for innovative uses cases, over the next two to three years it is essential for operators to launch 5G networks in a cost-effective way to meet current network congestion challenges and near-term revenue opportunities from applications such as high-quality video streaming.