The Metaverse, a Demand Driver for 5G, is Coming to More Telcos

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By Michael Inouye | 2Q 2022 | IN-6576


Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom Announced Plans to Bring Metaverse Platform ifland to Europe


Deutsche Telekom is extending its pre-existing partnership with SK Telecom to include an effort to bring the latter’s metaverse platform, ifland, to Europe. SK Telecom launched ifland in July 2021, surpassed 1.1 Million Active Users (MAUs) by the end of the year and, more recently, hit 1.35 million MAUs. As part of the expansion into Europe with Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom plans to bring ifland to more than 80 countries before the close of 2022, positioning the platform as far more than just a driver for 5G subscriptions. Many of these social metaverse platforms target younger audiences (e.g., Roblox, Naver’s ZEPETO), suggesting these types of experiences will underpin the future of social networking, adding further justification for Facebook’s pivot to Meta and the metaverse. We would be remiss, however, to simply view these trends solely through the lens of 2D to 3D and/or virtual spaces and goods. In fact, there is considerably more at work here than these virtual spaces alone.


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