5G in China

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Publish Date: 29 Oct 2018
Code: AN-5039
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Pages: 16
5G in China
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The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the 5G ecosystem in China, including deployments, spectrum allocation, the role of the government, and main use cases. Compared to other early movers like South Korea, Japan or the United States, China has a unique position based on its market size, industry focus, and active government. China has announced aggressive plans with 5G and has positioned the new cellular generation as a key pillar of its economic development initiatives.

The report summarizes the operator’s Standalone and Non-Standalone deployment plans, ongoing 5G trials, use cases, and gives an estimate of MSPs` total capital expenditure until 2023.

However, the 5G allocated spectrums are still unclear in China, ABI Research presents a potential scenario to help companies which spectrum they should expect. Beyond the industrial application of 5G, the report also includes a forecast about the number of the 5G capable devices and 5G subscriptions in China. In addition, the report also discusses the main factors affecting 5G Deployment Strategies, the effects of the trade war on Chinese 5G vendors, the increasing interactions between Chinese operators and domestic internet firms, and the changing role of the local mobile virtual network operators.

ABI Research gives a holistic overview of the key players in the Chinese 5G landscape: vendors, mobile service providers and their interactions with Chinese internet giants. Overall, this summary examines the main bottlenecks and opportunities, and aims to help understand the world’s soon to be, biggest 5G ecosystem.

Companies profiled in this report include China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE.