Biometric Payments

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Publish Date: 16 Apr 2018
Code: AN-2462
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 31
Biometric Payments
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Biometric technologies are evolving fast and fintech does not wish to be left behind. This analysis report investigates the current and future biometric payments technologies by tackling all major markets, listing market shares for fingerprint-embedded smartphone devices, examining interdependence  with other technologies, as well as providing strategic recommendations for implementers looking towards emerging applications. The report addresses issues like the Open Banking initiative, challenges like the decline of fingerprint sensor revenues in certain verticals, and opportunities like a consumer-centric model for card-less, biometric ATMs. An analysis is also performed while also keeping an eye out for the greater IoT sphere, automotive, smart home, and blockchain, and aligning proposed solutions under the greater biometric payments umbrella.