Augmented Reality and 5G Efforts Intensify Across Markets with Increasing Maturity and Value

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 3Q 2021 | IN-6218


Reaching Mutual Maturity


The confluence of 5G and augmented reality has been a cornerstone of digital disruption conversations for quite a while. However, only recently has both 5G and AR/VR been at a level of maturity to truly cooperate and enable new experiences not possible before. Huawei’s recent Better World Summit highlighted this market trend well, with several vendors across AR/VR, networks, and content showcasing both what is happening today and what is possible going forward. The United States Department of Defense is researching 5G and AR to enable telemedicine and medical training use cases. Orange partnered with to deliver AR content around the Tour de France. is also working with Verizon, who has been implementing 5G in U.S. sports stadiums at a steady rate, and the NHL for AR player stat tracking.

None of these use cases are particularly novel, but feasibility of implementation and ultimately scale of usage is growing dramatically thanks to maturation in both 5G and AR technology, content, and services.

5G and Augmented Reality Becoming Reality

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