How Does the Telecom Manufacturing Model Fare Against That of Software?

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By Don Alusha | 2Q 2022 | IN-6511


Consumerization of Telecom Technologies


A shift is beginning. In the growing world of cloud and services, software stands to be a key differentiator for the industry. For example, 5G is the first “G” in telecoms that paves the way for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to operate and work solely in the software layer. Though very subtle, what is happening is an increased consumerization of telecom technologies, a significant market change that will soon knock on telecom C-level executives’ door. The underlying force propelling that is the ongoing Internet-plus-telecoms technological convergence. With this convergence, the industry is at the beginning of a profound structural shift because it will almost certainly warrant a revisiting of existing monetization models. Specifically, as discussed in ABI Research’s Software Is the Name of the (New) Game in Telecom, going forward, how future services will evolve will be determined to an increasing degree by “intangibles” (e.g., software and services).

The genesis of software innovation is the Internet world, and it is a novel envi…

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