Artificial Intelligence Investment Monitor 2017

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Publish Date: 24 Aug 2018
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Artificial Intelligence Investment Monitor 2017
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2017 has been a banner year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) funding. The total investment values more than doubled in a short span of twelve months, with strong investment coming from China. Chinese startups have become the biggest winners in the 2017 AI investment landscape, as investors looked for mature use cases with proven technologies and successful business track record.

This investment monitor breaks down 2017 AI investment landscape by country, 5 major company types and 34 different industries, showcasing different trends, developments and year-on-year change of AI investments. Specific sections in this report are dedicated to discuss the rise of China, and the growing attention to machine vision, contextual AI and most importantly, AI chipset. Seven major startups are highlighted and profiled, serving as key examples to the reasons behind the rise in AI investment and the bullish sentiment in the AI industry as a whole. 

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose Statement
  • Methodology
  • Historical Investment Amounts
  • Investment Amounts: 2017
  • Investment Numbers by Country: 2017
  • Investment Amounts by Country: 2017
  • Investment Amounts In United States: 2017
  • Investment Amounts by Company Type: 2017
  • Investment Amounts by Industry: 2017
  • Investment Amounts by Funding Rounds: 2017
  • AI Acquisitions: 2017
  • The Rise of China
  • Growing Momentum in AI Chipset
  • Investors Bullish on Machine Vision
  • AI that Understands Context
  • Investment Highlights