WLAN in Industrial Networking: Vendor Landscape and Network Services

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Publish Date: 06 Jun 2024
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WLAN in Industrial Networking: Vendor Landscape and Network Services
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Keep tabs on the competition with vendor market shares and analysis of the strategies implemented by the major industrial Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) equipment vendors.
  • Identify gaps in the market to be exploited with profiling of the capabilities and recent product releases of the ecosystem’s key vendors.
  • Ensure your Operational Technology (OT) network management system is best-in-class with insight into the current market landscape and highlighting of priorities for future development.
  • Revise company strategy with the support of analyst recommendations for overcoming the industry’s core challenges.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the product development and brand positioning strategies of the major industrial WLAN equipment vendors?
  • Will market competition increase alongside the continued advancement of the 802.11 standards and the gradual expansion of the Total Addressable Market (TAM)?
  • In which ways are network management systems evolving to support the latest requirements of OT, and which vendors are at the forefront of this innovation?
  • How can an organization reduce Operational Expenditure (OPEX), overcome an inability to source experienced engineers, and create a compelling end-to-end solution?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Profiling of the product development and brand positioning strategies for all the major industrial WLAN equipment vendors.
  • Analysis of current market dynamics and foresight on how the market is expected to develop in the near term.
  • Table containing details of major recent product releases and their significance.
  • Contextualization of recent innovations in network management systems and how they impact the industry.
  • Analysis recommendations for addressing the key challenges the industry is currently facing.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • C-suite at industrial 802.11 equipment vendors who are responsible for ensuring the company retains its competitive edge.
  • Product development, business development, and marketing professionals at industrial 802.11 equipment vendors who need to understand the capabilities of their competitors.
  • Managers or engineers within system integrators who need to keep on top of shifts in vendor-competitive dynamics.
  • Decision makers within industrial organizations aiming to identify potential technology partners or innovations what they can implement in their facilities.

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Key Companies and Ecosystems

Allied Telesis

Vendor Solutions

Network Management and Additional Services