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Ericsson is the leading provider of 5G network equipment in the US. We are committed to bringing the benefits of secure and sustainable 5G networks to the US, 

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An implementation leader in massive MIMO, Ericsson has a comprehensive list of products, mMIMO for sub-6 GHz, TDD with different Tx power, bandwidth, and FDD solutions. There are also hybrid and interleaved solutions, as well as mmWave radios.

The Ericsson mMIMO architecture is designed to put the highest possible beamforming and MIMO processing in the radio’s Advanced Antenna System (AAS) itself, close to the antennas and radio channel to have real-time and fine granular information about the radio channel. The fronthaul bitrate from the Radio Access Network (RAN) to the baseband (RAN Compute) is reduced with this architecture.

Ericsson, the overall leader in massive MIMO platforms, offers a wide range of product portfolios and solutions to ease installation and accelerate 5G rollouts. Its mMIMO portfolio spans from 16T16R to 64T64R, including passive and active hybrid and interleaved solutions.

As a Leader in the Passive Base Station Antenna Market, Ericsson has a good range of products catering to the multi-band demands by CSPs. This includes single-band antennas to nona-band for FDD only and to 14 bands for FDD+TDD hybrid antennas.

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