Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry

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Publish Date: 01 Jun 2022
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Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Provides a detailed overview of the chemical markets to reveal investment drivers and inhibitors.
  • Identify use cases that are beginning to resonate in the markets.
  • Understand the types of projects already underway regarding the utilization of digital technologies.
  • Discover the suppliers, both large and small, looking to help chemical firms monitor their operations and increase production efficiency.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the current and future trends concerning technology adoption by chemical firms?
  • Where do digital technologies enrich the production value chain in chemical industry?
  • What issues inhibit chemical firms’ commitment to budget for digital technologies?
  • What are the specialist capabilities provided by some technology suppliers that focus on tackling the challenges faced by chemical firms.
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Strategic recommendations about engaging with chemical firms.
  • A detailed assessment of spending by chemical firms on digital technologies through 2031.
  • Case studies covering how leading firms have used digital technologies.
  • Understand the types of suppliers looking to help chemical firms collect, process, and use the data to deliver operational efficiencies and ensure worker safety.
  • Profiles covering 25 different vendors.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Strategists responsible for improving how their organizations engage with chemical firms.
  • Digital leaders at chemical firms looking to obtain insights covering how different digital technologies can support their operations and recommendations on how best to engage with digital transformation within the firm.
  • System integrators that need to evaluate potential solutions at their client sites.
  • Marketing leaders looking to understand adoption rates for digital technologies.

Table of Contents




2.1. Introduction to the Chemical Industry 
2.2. The Chemical Production Process 
2.3. Industry Standards 
2.4. Leading Chemical Companies 
2.5. Challenges Faced by Industry 
2.6. Challenges Faced in the Product Process
2.7. Key Technologies Driving Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry 


3.1. Recommendations for Manufacturers 
3.2. Recommendations for Industry Suppliers


4.1. Drivers for Investment 
4.2. Inhibitors for Investment 


5.1. SABIC: AspenTech Utilities Planner for Energy Management 
5.2. Covestro: Seeq Software for Data Analysis 
5.3. DSM Fibre Intermediates: Hexagon PPM’s Plant State Integrity for Alarm Management 


6.1. Regional differences 
6.2. Notable Regions 


7.1. ABB 
7.2. Altair 
7.3. Ansys 
7.4. AspenTech
7.5. AVEVA 
7.6. Emerson 
7.7. Ericsson 
7.8. Falkonry 
7.9. HERE Technologies 
7.10. Hexagon PPM
7.11. Hitachi Vantara 
7.12. HPE 
7.13. IFS 
7.14. MathWorks 
7.15. Nokia 
7.16. Orange Business Services 
7.17. Rockwell Automation 
7.18. Schneider Electric 
7.19. Seeq 
7.20. Senseye 
7.21. Siemens
7.22. Solulever 
7.23. Telit 
7.24. Verizon 
7.25. Vodafone