When Should 5G Operators Deploy Renewables?

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By Fei Liu | 3Q 2021 | IN-6193


5G, Renewable Energy and Climate Change


The demand for high data rates and wider network coverage is now accelerating the roll out of 5G network. While 5G is expected to bring user experience improvements in the consumer domain and new types of services in the enterprise domain, its deployment also comes at a huge cost for operators. Electricity consumption per unit of data traffic (MB) is much less, but 5G generally requires significantly more base stations, which results in higher total energy consumption and higher energy cost. The environmental damage caused by the extraction and burning fossil fuels is a pressing concern now more than ever. With the regulations to cut carbon footprints and growing global pressure to fight climate change, mobile operators are already seeking ways to make 5G more efficient and, at the same time, seeking alternative energy sources for the long-term carbon efficiency of their networks.

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