Network Slicing: Commercial Analysis and Enabling Technologies

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Publish Date: 08 Aug 2018
Code: AN-4908
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Pages: 36
Network Slicing: Commercial Analysis and Enabling Technologies
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This report discusses the key market drivers, opportunities, challenges, and value chain specifics of the network slicing market. This report quantifies the market opportunity for network slicing rollouts based on three categories: conservative (0% - 25%), neutral (0% - 50%) and aggressive (0% - 75%), each estimating how much revenue telcos would generate, on top of their existing, mostly connectivity-driven revenues. Data from connection revenues, network services, and security services are taken from ABI Research’s IoT Market Tracker to serve as the foundation for the forecast model.

The next five years will be pivotal for commercial deployment of network slicing solutions as telcos are now more familiar with opportunities this new technology brings. There have been some significant PoCs and pertinent undertakings in the market especially from BT and Swisscom, and more are expected during 2018 and beyond. Currently, there are very few vendors who can provision end to end slicing solutions, Nokia and Ericsson chief among them.  Significant work is taking place to institute best practices and optimum mechanisms to integrate discrete domain-based tools with an eye to enable network slicing at a large scale, particularly for industry verticals where Zeetta Networks can demonstrate some good customer use cases.