Cloud-Native RAN: Commercial Developments

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Publish Date: 18 Mar 2024
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Cloud-Native RAN: Commercial Developments
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Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Build commercial value through pre-integration programs and labs for cloud-native Radio Access Networks (RANs).
  • Adapt to the market timeline for RAN cloudification, pacing investments and solutions relative to others in the ecosystem.
  • Evaluate processor ecosystems for cloud-native RAN, weighing factors beyond the typical Open RAN considerations.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • How do collaborative RAN labs and pre-integration programs contribute to the commercial viability of the cloud-native RAN?
  • When will the RAN become a key driver for cloud infrastructure revenue?
  • How are Communication Service Providers (CSPs) addressing the cost and operational challenges of implementing cloud RAN?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Forecast of cloud infrastructure revenue (2022 to 2030), contrasting virtualized network functions (VNF) and cloud-native network functions (CNF).
  • Analysis of the processor market and strategies for processor selection for the cloud-native RAN.
  • Profiles of select vendors with novel commercialization strategies.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Commercial strategists within network vendors expanding viability of solutions with respect to the timeline and hardware constraints of CSPs.
  • Planners within CSPs who need to align cloud RAN product strategies with market trends.
  • Investors and other stakeholders of cloud RAN transformation seeking an overview of commercial strategies.

Table of Contents

Key Findings

Key Forecasts

Key Companies and Ecosystems

Network Vendors
Automation Platform Vendors

Processor Ecosystems for Cloud RAN

Public Cloud Infrastructure
CSP Commercial Strategies