NVIDIA and AWS Helping to Democratize the Metaverse

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By Michael Inouye | 4Q 2021 | IN-6368


Simulations/Digital Twins, Avatars, and AI/ML among the Key Metaverse Highlights at NVIDIA GTC 2021


NVIDIA made several announcements at its November Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Technology (GTC) 2021 event, with many of them pertaining to the future metaverse and NVIDIA’s platform, Omniverse. First and foremost, NVIDIA pointed to the power of simulations and digital twins; the company envisions these as the bedrock for merging the real and virtual worlds. Simulations and digital twins can enable significant savings by shifting some of the requirements from physical testing to virtual, improving efficiencies and reducing costly repairs/replacement of hardware and equipment by better predicting maintenance needs and scheduling. Simulations also bring a higher order of precision and accuracy not possible with real-world testing that may be limited by the number of trials (and inputs) and uncontrollable variables. Simulations can account for a myriad of potential events and conditions by creating and using synthetic data, and NVIDIA has highlighted its Omniverse Replicator as a simulation framework to generate ph…

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