U.S. Operators Have Conflicting Views on Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

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2Q 2020 | IN-5844


Version and AT&T Commencing DSS


Verizon and AT&T recognize that dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) would be key in their respective 5G deployments and are gearing up in implementing DSS in the near future. AT&T expects DSS to be introduced into their network in the second half of 2020. Similarly, Verizon is also intending to commercially deploy DSS in the second half of this year.

Why Dynamic Spectrum Sharing?


The attractiveness of DSS in 5G implementation is that it facilitates the coexistence of the operators’ LTE and 5G networks by streamlining their spectrum allocation. This sharing arrangement between the LTE and 5G networks of an operator is dictated by the mobile data usage peak schedules of the respective network generations. The importance of spectrum sharing in a scenario that involves the operator managing its current LTE network while introducing 5G NR can be summarized by the diagram below, wherein the primary difference between static spectrum sharing and DSS is highlighted:

  LTE and 5G NR Coexistence  

Static …

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