Intelligent Supply Chain Quarterly Update

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Publish Date: 01 May 2019
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Pages: 12
Intelligent Supply Chain Quarterly Update

As supply chain owners and operators pursue greater visibility, efficiency, and intelligence within their end-to-end operations, the role of technology becomes increasingly important, but also more complex. Understanding the real implications of robotics, AI, blockchain, asset management, connectivity, and augmented reality is critical for survival as supply chain pressures increase in more competitive, uncertain, and disrupted markets. ABI Research’s Intelligent Supply Chain Quarterly Update provides supply chain operators, service providers, and technology vendors with the vital updates and trends appearing in the last 3 months and those that will affect the market for long into the future.

The Q1 2019 edition pays special attention to smart warehousing and automation, digital productivity solutions for the logistics workforce, and next-generation demand planning and optimization solutions for the supply chain, in addition to news and market activity across the value chain.

Table of Contents

  • Vendor Activity and Announcements
  • Supply Chain Activity 
  • Market Opportunities
  • Disruptive and Transformational Trends
  • Disruptive Threats 
  • Market Opportunities 
  • Strategic Guidance 
  • Robotics in E-Commerce Fulfillment 
  • Devices and Solutions for Workforce Productivity in Warehousing 
  • Demand Planning and Optimization in the Supply Chain