Cloud-Edge Deployments as a Catalyst for New Value Creation in Telecoms

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By Don Alusha | 3Q 2020 | IN-5862


Cloud-Edge Deployments


In telecoms, small but highly distributed cloud-edge deployments are increasingly augmenting centralized radio architectures. A wider diffusion of 5G core will accelerate that trend. Relative to public cloud implementations, cloud-edge implementations are much more local in deployment and global in demand. The requirements of the automotive industry drive that point home. Players like Toyota and BMW have a global presence; consequently, their requirements for cloud-edge deployments vary in scope and scale. The cloud-edge market promises growth, but is one that is composed of a plethora of solution providers and technologies that the industry must grasp. This is particularly relevant for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), which need a clear sense of existing revenue streams vis-à-vis additional new value that falls within the boundary of cloud-edge. For example, in addition to existing mass-market subscriber-based revenues, new value will materialize from solution-led products and tailor-made transactions in end verticals like finance, manufacturing, and the automotive industry.


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