Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use Cases in Telecoms

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Publish Date: 18 Oct 2018
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use Cases in Telecoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are viewed as potential sources for new sales opportunities with traditional infrastructure vendors, IT players and Mobile Service Providers (MSP) all vying for a piece of the pie. The AI pie is currently fragmented with several use cases in the customer management domain receiving a great deal of traction. There are numerous players in the market either incorporating AI into their core products, or already offering AI solutions to solve specific telco pain points. On the one hand, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) such as NEC/Netcracker and Amdocs are bolstering their solutions with AI capabilities; similarly, network equipment vendors (e.g., Huawei and Ericsson among others) are also using AI and ML capabilities as an essential ingredient of cellular networks, particularly for 5G. On the other hand, AI technology from cloud computing giants such as Amazon and Microsoft is gaining traction in the market via partnerships with ISVs, MSPs and infrastructure vendors.

In this report, ABI Research analyses AI adoption in Telecoms and it elaborates on how market players can strike a balance between the current narrow use-case specific approach and one that promotes a global, top-down AI strategy. The findings of this report indicate that a winner is yet to emerge in the commercial front; traditional vendors, IT players, and MSPs are all serving as suppliers in the market. Other topics discussed in the report include AI ecosystem layers and implementation approaches, key innovators among MSPs and steps they are taking towards a digital ready workforce.



Table of Contents

  • AI Ecosystem in Telcos
  • Commercial Considerations
  • AI/ML Use Cases in Telcos
  • Partnerships and Innovations
  • Conclusions