Small Cells & HetNets

Mobile broadband traffic will continue to grow as operators deploy 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Initial network deployments are always macro-cell to provide coverage, but then the insatiable subscriber demand forces the operator to densify its network. Small Cells attractively meet this demand without needing massive macro-cell investment by using spatial multiplexing and interference mitigation to increase spectrum reuse.

Low-power devices and the Internet of Everything will further increase need for Small Cell solutions, as will the evolution to short-range, high-frequency 5G. Small Cells includes enterprise and consumer femtocells, pico cells, and metro cells. The Small Cells & HetNets Research Service tracks progress, future outlook, and evolution in light of IoE and 3G, 4G, and 5G. This service also provides 3 to 5 year strategic marketing insight and perspective suitable for operators, hardware vendors, software vendors, regulators, and the investment community.

For commercial or enterprise traffic the verticals forecast are: offices/corporate campuses, retail/shopping malls, healthcare/hospitals, airports/train stations, manufacturing/industrial, hotels/resorts, sports venues/stadiums, universities/educational institutions, government/municipal, and parking structures/underground tunnels.


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