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ZTE Corporation is a Chinese partially state-owned technology company that specializes in telecommunication. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. ZTE's core business is wireless, exchange, optical transmission, data telecommunications gear, telecommunications software, and mobile phones. ZTE primarily sells products under its own name, but it is also an OEM.

ZTE Corporation Awards & Publications

ZTE offers a broad range of residential Wi-Fi CPE, spanning both DSL and PON residential gateways to wireless routers, as well as multi-Wide Area Network (WAN) CPE, including those that leverage both DLS and PON or DLS and 5G. At the software level. The company has developed its own proprietary O&M platform for home Wi-Fi networks, called the ZTE SCP. Its solutions have been leveraged to solve many unique and innovative deployments.

ZTE is a market leading vendor of residential Wi-Fi CPE, being responsible for 15.2% of the global shipments for residential gateways and 2.5% for wireless routers. ZTE’s market share has gradually expanded in recent years, thanks in part to the fact that the company offers solutions for all segments of the market—from entry-level to the high-end. Two of ZTE's competitive strengths are the company's healthy supply chain and its ability to highly customize CPE to meet customer requirements.

There are countless areas where ZTE has demonstrated its role as a major industry innovator. For example, representatives have served as the IEEE 802.11ax PHY ad hoc Chair, and currently occupy the IEEE 802.11 AMP SG Chair. ZTE also exerts significant influence on the advancement of PON, being among the leaders in patent filing for the technology, and the company unveiled the industry’s first 50G PON prototype in 1Q 2022. At the software level, ZTE differentiates itself through the development of its own proprietary Operations & Maintenance (O&M) platform for home Wi-Fi networks, the ZTE SCP.

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