Malik Saadi

Research Focus

Malik Saadi, Vice President, Strategic Technologies at ABI Research, is focused on technology innovation across various industries, including telecommunications, consumer electronics, the Internet of things (IoT), and other emerging industries.

With more than 16 years of experience in the telecommunications and computing industries as a technology expert and analyst, Malik guides his research team toward uncovering the impact of technology innovation on different industries and markets. The goal is to provide clients with both a quantitative and qualitative vision of the overall market development and an understanding of how the various technologies involved will empower this development.

Past Experience

Prior to joining ABI Research, Malik was a Principal Analyst at Informa, covering a wide range of topics, including devices, networks and infrastructure, and multimedia services. He planned and managed many market studies concerning future mobile handsets, future computing and hardware technologies, software platforms and operating systems, broadband networks and devices, web applications development, and converged networks and devices.

Malik is a frequent speaker and chair at international conferences, as well as a regular press commentator. In addition, he has lectured in the Telecoms & Tech Academy’s Mini-MBA program.


Malik has a PhD from Group d’Etude des Semiconducteurs (now Coulomb Labs in France), specializing in semiconductor devices and materials, design, and engineering.

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