The Rise and Outlook of Antennas in 5G

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Publish Date: 11 Jun 2018
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The Rise and Outlook of Antennas in 5G

The antenna has become a very complex and invaluable segment of the 5G network, and momentum is rapidly building up with 5G, particularly in light of recent announcements in the mobile service provider (MSP) world, on the standardization front, spectrum work and 3GPP, with Releases 15 and 16 making significant contributions. 

Antennas still play an overlooked role within the overall 5G grid, however. With 5G related upgrades to the radioactive network, and a focus placed on the development of core network, network slicing, latency, and other facets, many still fail to realize the fundamental role antennas play in these advancements. In other words, mobile cellular antennas are the unsung heroes of the mobile cellular network.

Our whitepaper takes a closer look at how antennas will become an increasingly critical element in the 5G network over the next several years.