Are Mobile Service Providers Doomed to Marginalization?

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Publish Date: 11 Jun 2018
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Are Mobile Service Providers Doomed to Marginalization?

Mobile service providers aim to address enterprise verticals, including manufacturing, transport and utilities, but have done little to truly address opportunities in these areas and build internal expertise before 5G achieves mainstream status. 

However, the discussions must be about solutions, not technologies. There is a growing rift between regional MSPs activities for 5G: European MSPs are focusing on consumer content, consumer IoT, and connectivity. MSPs from Asia are focusing on end markets while U.S. carriers are somewhere in between. The Mobile World Congress 2018 conference in Barcelona, Spain, also left many at ABI Research deeply concerned about the future health of the mobile ecosystem and the Mobile Service Provider (MSP) community. 

Uncover the opportunities available to MSPs, and what the future of the mobile industry holds in this enlightening whitepaper.

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