2022 Technology Summit: Demystifying the Open RAN Supply Chain Image

2022 Technology Summit: Demystifying the Open RAN Supply Chain


Actionable Benefits

  • Identify cellular infrastructure supply chain challenges and plan around them.
  • Understand geopolitical effects and how these will restrict the supply chain.
  • Identify winners and losers and who to partner with in the new open supply chain.

Critical Questions Answered

  • How different will the Open RAN supply chain be compared to the traditional one?
  • How are geopolitics restricting the telecoms supply chain?
  • When will the new supply chain dominate and overtake the traditional infrastructure supply chain?          

Research Highlights

  • Insights from an Open RAN infrastructure vendor and a chipset company developing CU/DU chipsets.
  • Visibility into the dynamics of the new supply chain and how geopolitics are affecting them.        

Who Should Watch This?

  • Mobile operator CTOs, network architects and executives planning network strategies.
  • Large and small infrastructure vendor executives who wish to understand the new supply chain spheres of influence.
  • Smaller vendors involved in Open RAN activities.