What Telcos Need to Know Now to Maximize Today’s Digital Transformation Opportunities and Secure Their Future Position in the Digital Domain

Discover Which Technologies Are Critical to Generate New Revenue Streams

Telecommunications markets across the globe are declining. Average revenue per user (ARPU) trends continue on a downward spiral because of unlimited packages, market saturation, increased competition, drop in roaming revenues, and the demand of what customers want in terms of quality and price.

Pressure on traditional revenues from digital disrupters means it is increasingly important for telcos to invest in new business models and operational processes to make sure they, too, share in the value from digital transformation. Key elements to manage include technology, organizational agility, digital culture, talent and skills.

ABI Research can help explore the assets telcos have to currently sell to enterprise verticals – a new revenue stream. ABI can identify the verticals and technologies that hold the most opportunity for your organization. We will give you a bigger picture of the opportunities by providing strategic guidance to make you successful with them.

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1Q 2018
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