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NEC is a Japanese IT and electronics company. It produces telecommunications equipment, infrastructure, and related software and services with an emphasis on operational safety and efficiency. Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1899 as the Nippon Electronic Company, it rebranded to NEC in 1983.

NEC Corporation Awards & Publications

ABI Research named NEC a Leader in our Open RAN Vendor Assessment, NEC is one of the early adopters of Open RAN and the company is a proponent of an open ecosystem to drive innovation in the Open RAN domain. NEC’s extensive expertise in both IT and network technologies positions it at the forefront of System Integrators (SIs) in the industry.

NEC was named a Top Innovator in ABI Research's Open RAN Vendor Assessment. NEC has been recognized by several mobile operators for its broad product portfolio, mainly mMIMO RUs. NEC is also among a few vendors to achieve O-RAN Alliance compliance certification. Finally, NEC is keeping its active presence in O-RAN Alliance PlugFests around the world to accelerate Open RAN developments and demonstrate its commitments related to R&D.

NEC was named a Top Implementer in ABI Research's Open RAN Vendor Assessment. NEC has been active in developing its Open RAN ecosystem and partnering with Tier One operators, chipset vendors, and cloud providers. Recently, NEC obtained its first O-RAN Alliance compliance certificate from Japan’s OTIC. Prominently, NEC is among a few vendors that support commercial brownfield deployments globally.

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